Graphic design blog – Why I changed my business name

Welcome to my first post on my graphic design blog – why I changed my business name.

Like most people in my field of graphic design and branding, moreover the general field of marketing, redundancy is not a stranger. So in 2015 when redundancy knocked at my door it was a natural step for me to become a Freelance Graphic Designer and with that, iamDamian Graphic Design was born. It’s a daunting step to move from that reliable monthly income and start a new business. But nonetheless for me, it seemed the next logical step in my some 20 year career within two of the county’s highly reputable marketing agencies.

Starting a new business is hard. Much harder than I ever anticipated. But, as I write this blog post in 2022 I look back and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. I have met some wonderful clients along the way, made great friends through networking, worked with some amazing brands and felt that buzz seeing my work on the public domain more times than I can remember. I love what I do and also the brands I work with. It may be a cliché ( and I recall at the time a fledgling marketeer quipping at me, “That’s rubbish, you’re meant to care” ) but I genuinely care about the brands and companies I work with. I genuinely believe there is a big difference between being paid to do something and caring about the brands you work with. It’s not something I have to force and I find it easy to integrate myself into the team of the company or organisation I am working with. And, long after a project is finished their success is regularly on my mind – I’ll be on the lookout for opportunities for them.

Since I started, I have spent the last seven years working on everything from logos to branding, leaflet design, brochure design, website design (and build!), exhibition graphics and graphics for digital marketing. As someone who doesn’t believe that you ever fully know everything about the field you work in and I have continued to learn and evolve with the ever changing graphic design and marketing world. iamDamian Graphic Design has gone from strength to strength over those seven years and I have been incredibly blessed with a wide range of clients, many of which still remain with me to this day. And I am proud of that.

So in short, iamDamian Graphic Design has changed in those seven years and I see before me a different business to that which it was when I began. As a result the time has come – and it felt right, to evaluate the future of iamDamian Graphic Design and prepare for the future ahead. The services I offer has grown and also refined, along with my business. I not only offer design services but also creative consultancy. To that extent, The Creative Guy, the new name for iamDamian Graphic Design is born and reflects the refined nature of the work I do. Along with that the first new thing to come is my graphic design blog. I will still offer all my clients the same dedication, attention grabbing design and a staunch attention to detail that has been my reputation both in my employed and self employed role.

The future is exciting and I hope that whether you are an existing client or a potential new one you will come on this exciting journey with me! And as The Creative Guy, I would like to thank all of my existing clients for their continued long term support. I do not take it for granted.

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