The team over at Smart Alec Media invited me to help lead the creative on their project for a new UK startup British Baby Box. Smart Alec Media were tasked with developing a new website for this start up and as part of my role I provided logo and website design for British Baby Box, gave creative direction on the build of their website and also carried out studio photography of their new product line.
As part of the branding exercise through development and discussion with the directors of British Baby Box, they required a logo which was fun and youthful whilst also giving a feel of strength and protection. By using a strong font family I have balanced this alongside a graphic which depicts the delicate and cheeky nature of the end users.


Creative Direction

British Baby Box are a new UK startup building upon the success a of Finnish tradition. Two UK mothers have setup a new company selling the British Baby Box; a comfortable, safe and portable way for a newborn child to sleep and rest.
The box, ideal for expectant parents contains a starter kit filled with all the essentials parents need in the first days of bringing their newborn home. And the best part, the box complete with a fitted mattress can be used, most importantly, as a bed and portable place of protection & safety for their young child, whilst the lid the can double up as a versatile changing mat. Research suggests such a box has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

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